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48-Game Season to Start January 19th, Cervenka Cleared for Travel

The NHL is expected to begin the ratification process of the new CBA at a Board of Governors meeting on Wednesday, with training camps set to begin no later than January 14th and the shortened 48-game season likely to start on January 19th with all 30 teams in action.

Martin Rose

After the dream-like haze of yesterday's lockout-ending announcement, things are finally beginning to seem more real today now that some more concrete dates have been revealed. The full season schedule for each team will be scrapped with a new one consisting of only in-conference games taking its place, beginning January 19th with all 30 teams playing. Training camp will likely begin sometime this week, no later than January 14th.

Meanwhile, Flames forward Roman Cervenka, who has been sidelined since November 27th with a blood clot, has reportedly been cleared to travel to Calgary. Team doctors will evaluate him upon his arrival and decide whether or not he is fit to participate in training camp.

The Flames have otherwise remained mum on their training camp roster, although speculation that Sven Baertschi along with several other Abbotsford Heat players will spend the shortened season in Calgary has run rampant, which could deal a huge blow to the recently struggling Baby Flames.