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20 Predictions

The 2nd Annual predictions post: or, where I look like a fool come May.

Jeff Gross

All Hockey's Eve. So I guess Hockeyween?

(click here for last year's predictions and here for last year's recap)

1. Jarome Iginla's 30-goal streak will come to an end - and he will miss 30 even if it's pro-rated for 82 games.

2. Sven Baertschi, Mikael Backlund and TJ Brodie will combine for 50 points this season.

3. They will also play at least 120 games between the three of them.

4. Miikka Kiprusoff finishes with a .921 EVSV%.

5. Dennis Wideman will disappoint, contributing less than 15 points and he will get killed defensively.

6. Curtis Glencross' SH% will stay above 15% for the year, because he is insane.

7. Jiri Hudler will score 20 points this season, but will suffer on the advanced side of things without Henrik Zetterberg.

8. The Flames' goal differential will be at least +10.

9. The team will dominate on Saddledome ice, but will be just under .500 on the road.

10. Bob Hartley's deployment of players will actually make some sense.

11. Anton Babchuk, Roman Horak and Steve Begin will play less than 20 games combined this year.

12. Jay Feaster will once again stand pat at the deadline except for one depth move.

13. Roman Cervenka won't be a number one centerman, but he'll be a decent enough number two - and that's good enough for me.

14. Leland Irving will have a disastrous season, finishing with a EVSV% of under .910.

15. As a result, the team will replace him with Henrik Karlsson, who will play a couple of games and get a couple of wins.

16. Cory Sarich will be the default #6 man, which is annoying as all hell given the $2 million he'll be making this season.

17. Mike Cammalleri will bounce back in a big way this season, putting up at least 35 points.

18. This will be the last season we see Matt Stajan in a Flames uniform.

19. This will be the last season we see Kipper in a Flames uniform.

20. The Flames will perform better than Nashville, Dallas, Columbus, Phoenix, Colorado, Detroit and Edmonton - and thus will finish 8th in the conference, making it to the 2nd round before being eliminated in Iggy and Kipper's last hurrah.