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A List of All the Questions the Calgary Flames Face

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There are no easy answers for this Flames team that finds itself on the outside looking in (again). Just endless questions. Here's most of them.

  • Has Jarome Iginla played his last game (for a while, at least) in a Flaming C uniform?
  • How about Miikka Kiprusoff?
  • What's a reasonable price for Olli Jokinen this summer?
  • Will the Flames overpay that?
  • Does Brent Sutter stand behind the Calgary bench ever again?
  • How long is Ken King's leash really?
  • Will Sven Baertschi be a top 3 player on the Calgary Flames next season?
  • What does Jay Feaster actually want to do?
  • Will King and Edwards let him?
  • How many cheeseburgers has Olli Jokinen eaten since the season ended a few days ago?
  • Can the Flames trade up in the draft?
  • Would trading up even be worth it?
  • Will Jay Feaster have another draft steal this year, a la SVEN?
  • In what surprising new way can the Flames let down Calgary fans next season?
  • Will the awful awful awful goal song finally be replaced with something more palatable?
  • Can the Flames trade the vets and actually get something resembling a quality return?
  • Why is Babchuk not a member of the Heat yet? (rhetorical question, folks)
  • How many oblivious fans will be outraged the Flames don't bring in Suter or Parise this summer?
  • How many times will Brad Richards be referenced when Feaster mentions any free agent?
  • When does Hakan Loob get involved with the organization in a way other than talking to the Fan960?
  • Finally: how much or little will the next squad look like the 2011-12 squad?