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Game 82 Recap: Clear Eyes

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Ten Thoughts

-Nice to see Akim Aliu get his first and second career goals today, even if both were extremely lucky. I'm not sure he's an NHLer, even at replacement-level, but it's a good story.

-Mike Cammalleri fishing Aliu's first goal out of the net was a pretty good demonstration of why everyone loves him. He had 19 points in 28 games with the Flames this year, with 11 of those being goals.

-Good for Henrik Karlsson getting his first win of the season. A real tough year for the guy, and likely the last time he suits up for the Flames.

-Jonas Hiller had quite the game to forget today, with 3 of the goals against him going in the "absolutely brutal" category. At least no one will remember it.

-It's possible today might've been Teemu Selanne's last game ever. What a treat to see one of the all-time greats as much as we do. I hope he comes back, but every year that seems less and less likely.

-That sequence of penalties about half way through the second period was just sublime...4 calls against in the span of about 5 minutes, two of which were bunk and a disallowed goal was the result of it.

-Those clapper things were super annoying.

-Jay Bouwmeester just can't win. People complain when he doesn't score, people complain when he scores. He's never going to be viewed positively by the fans here.

-Certainly a disappointing season, but it's nice that we got to see a win to finish it off...unlike what has happened the past couple of years.

-Big thanks to everyone who's stopped by this season, whether it was just to read or to comment. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Three Stars

1. Akim Aliu

2. Bobby Ryan

3. Henrik Karlsson


Last one out, hit the lights.