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Game 66 Recap: Flames Not Getting it Done at Home

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The good news is, with the loser point coming from the loss in the skills competition the Calgary Flames moved to within three points of 8th place.

The bad news, 8th place is currently occupied by the San Jose Sharks, AND, they hold two games in hand over Calgary.

I'd like to believe the boys when you hear what they say on 960 or read in the paper that they're going to have to step it up a notch; I mean, it's true and all that jazz but I think using our own intellectual honesty we can say that the Flames aren't a team that can just flip the switch like that. And, given their past 5 home games, who's going to believe them anymore?

Tonight, the Dallas Stars were probably the better team overall, but they sure didn't stick a fork in it at any point. Full marks on the top line for tying the game, but it's just not enough. Sportsnet shows a really pretty montage of all the Jarome Iginla scoring chances throughout the game and it was about 30 seconds long. The problem is, if you ran all the scoring chances AGAINST him it'd run a minute.

What we've seen from them of late... bottom line... it just isn't enough. All this talk of moving their play up a notch seems to be moot as, well, starting to think this is the notch and we'll just get hot-flashes like the Phoenix game that just make us want it more.

-I'd like to thank Sheldon Souray for making what was otherwise a pretty boring game, a little more bearable. The fact he wanted to go with Tim Jackman (during the warmup, of course) was hilarious. Then, he and Iginla start up their old rivalry and Souray gives his illusion of toughness and then when Jackman tries to drop the gloves with him he wait until the scrum has been intervened on to "try" and go after him. Can't fault the guy for not actually doing anything but chirp, given his shoulder probably has the strength of a toilet paper roll these days, I just don't have much time for the guys who chirp and don't can't back it up.

I apologize for that last paragraph, but honestly, that's what I was thinking about during this game. The team wasn't giving me much else to chew on.

-The Flames should really be given a mercy point by the NHL for having played Cory Sarich on the top pairing all night.


1. Michael Cammalleri - He shows his burst more often than the other top liners.

2. Curtis Glencross - Puts the puck on net, battles fairly hard and stayed out extra long killing the 4 on 3 in OT.

3. Miikka Kiprusoff - I didn't like the Eriksson goal, but it's still a difficult save to make, especially when Tanguay doesn't even slow him down.

-It's not the dagger by any means, but we're starting to get close. Gotta go 10-4-2 down the stretch just for a sniff.