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Game 80 Recap: I was not saying "Boourns"


Yes, the fat lady has sung.

After dancing around the topic, lingering in its vicinity, and posting multiple pictures of various fat lady opera singers in awkward viking costumes, it's over.

What's the best way to sum up this game? I'd say pleasantly surprising. Odd choice, but I pretty much expecting the Flames to get slaughtered by the Canucks. It wasn't a great game, it also wasn't terrible. After attending the most recent Flames/Kings game, arguably the worst game I have been to in years, it was nice to see the Flames show that they can enter the zone, generate chances, get a few shots on net (more than 4 in the 3rd period!). They showed up tonight, for what it's worth.

Amongst the multiple delightful and insightful comments from the CBC staff tonight (including...ahem, "5 finger assault"), one of them was "it is what it is." Well, what was "it"? An abysmal and seemingly ignored OT/SO record. A playoff "push" of 2-4-4. Practically a duplicate of last March. Generating excitement from management and fans alike, only to have it thrown in their faces in an all-too-familiar fashion. An apathetic team who blew their best chances against teams like the Oilers, Blue Jackets, and Wild. All in all, it didn't feel like this team wanted to make the playoffs.

Other lows from this game? Henrik Karlsson still doesn't have a win this year. The Flames show yet again how painful trying to win in OT can be. They blew yet another lead.

The highs? Mike Cammalleri. Some are still on the fence about that trade, mainly because they gave up Patrick Holland, but I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do next year. His goal tonight was a howitzer, and I'm sure there are more to come.

Basically, this was a season of more downs than ups. As much as we all would have liked to see some playoffs, we all knew deep down how unlikely that was. I'm looking forward to the off season, and hopefully seeing some good come from the upcoming cap space.

Lastly, I give you the quote of the night: "Cammalleri? More like BLAMmalleri" -@bookofloob

Hey, it's something.