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Clitsome: Good Defensemen Aren't Easy To Find

Can you find Clitsome in this photo?  (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)
Can you find Clitsome in this photo? (Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images)
Getty Images

He's not always the easiest to find in the hairy situations on ice, due to his smaller size, but finding Grant Clitsome on waivers would be well worth the effort for Jay Feaster and company.

One of the better defensemen belonging to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Grant Clitsome was put on waivers today by Scott Howson, a continuation of his fumbling around in the dark. Ostensibly, this move was to make room for the incoming Johnson, but despite being larger and being more well known, Johnson isn't quite as effective as Clitsome.

The numbers don't lie- most hockey fans with an understanding of advanced stats say they would prefer to use Clitsome over Johnson. With a Corsi Rel of 2.8 on a very bad Columbus team, Clitsome was a serviceable rearguard who also provided a certain amount of offensive excitement.

With 14 points in 51 games, he's hardly an offensive powerhouse, but it could be enough to get a team over the top. And given more experience, he could improve as well- he put the biscuit in the basket 9 times last year between the AHL and NHL. While Johnson's numbers are much bigger and impressive, he also just doesn't get the job done on the other end.

Clitsome is used to difficult situations, starting in the offensive zone only 48.9% of the time, though he's not playing the hardest competition. On a team that is short on quality defense and goaltending, the BJs will surely miss him when Clitsome is inevitably claimed, however Clitsome could help put Calgary towards completion if Jay Feaster knows what to look for.