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Another Feaster Retread. Big Deal?

In short, no - it's not really a big deal.

But, it's getting a post anyway!

Why? Because I jump at the opportunity to point out that Jay Feaster is, and I'll be kinder than normal here, a terrible General Manager. I've laid it all out before but I'll sum it up quick like fox.

He inherited a Stanley Cup-calibre team in Tampa Bay, made a couple really nice depth moves (Sydor, Stillman for picks) and the team went on to win the cup. That's it for Feaster positives.

He then proceeded to sign everyone to terrible contracts, traded away all his stars for pennies on the dollar, traded draft pick after draft pick for bad players/contracts and drafted at a rate that could be beaten by a blindfolded monkey pointing to names on a piece of paper... sending the franchise into a tremendous Darryl Sutter-like spiral. But, his other fave thing to do in TBay and the reason my nervousness has escalated a tad today?

Bring back former players.

Read on if you dare.

Jay Feaster's track record did not exactly lend itself well to getting my confidence to be on his side. But, I figured I'd better give him a little time to see if he'd made some changes to his managerial style.

So I started to look for some of these indicators.

First, he acquired Freddy Modin, a former member of the Tampa Bay Lightning. This was his first move as GM and I was willing to chalk that up as a really cheap way to get some depth for the team's playoff push... but this went on to be nothing more than a trade that wasted a draft pick.

If you're scoring at home, that's 2 of 4 indicators hit within his first couple months on the job.

Then, he traded Regehr for pennies on the dollar and wasted a draft pick.

Then, he traded for P3L.... and wasted another draft pick.

And now, he's acquired another former member of the Tampa Bay Lightning in Blair Jones.

Listen, this isn't big news, it's not a big trade and maybe I'm just making something out of nothing to pass the time while my kid naps... doesn't matter... what matters is that he's doing the exact same things that led to his demise in Tampa.

I know he's done some other nice things and that's all well and good... but this trend bothers me, and until it's stopped (fired) or fixed (fired), you can count on these annoying reminders from yours truly.

As far as the trade itself goes... just read Arik's post from earlier today, he sums it up nicely - as does Justin's comment.

Now get back to enjoying your Friday and eventual weekend. Don't let this negative-nelly getcha down!