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The Mildly Amusing Wyshynski/Jay Stempniak Twitter Spat

There must be something in the water in Calgary. While I'm sure every hockey player has had a family member get upset about an article written by a reporter or blogger, how many actually vent their frustrations to that writer? When it comes to Greg Wyshynski, at least two from Calgary.

Though it's some time removed, you may recall the email Katerina Jokinen sent the Y! Sports blogger over an article that she found particularly "mean" to her husband. Tonight, Lee Stempniak's brother- douche and professional moocher extraordinaire Jay Stempniak- decided to follow suit by repeatedly called Wyshynski a "jock sniffer", apparently the only insult he knows. Read the full conversation after the jump.

It started with an offhand comment about Lee Stempniak's hat trick in a nightly "3 Stars" recap.

Saturday's Three Stars: Lee Stempniak somehow tallies hattrick...

And then it went hilariously downhill.

Admittedly, I like what Lee has brought to the team. That said, I don't know any Flames fans or writers who thought that comment was out of line or anything. It's not like the Ranchhand Ninja has had the most consistent career numbers, and the irony of Jay Stempniak- who follows his brother around the country- calling anyone a jock sniffer with these "career" numbers is too much. Oh, and did I mention he's a douche?

Here is an actual quote from his twitter feed:

Crushed a slew of Pabst Blue Ribbon Light last evening.

Ridiculous, right? How about another?

What do you think of the cbs line @ColeMcD? Let me know how it looks live. And take some upskirts and down blouses if you can too

This is hardly Flames news of the utmost importance, but it's certainly amusing for a gameless Sunday night