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Flames/Preds Recap: A Poem

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Final - 1.1.2012 1 2 3 Total
Calgary Flames 1 0 2 3
Nashville Predators 2 2 1 5

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I probably saw about thirty seconds of this game, so I've decided to take this recap in a different direction after the jump. Happy New Year!

On New Year's Day

The Flames did play

In Nashville, Tennessee

They arrived at the rink

Their game, it did stink

Their road trip soon to be 0 and 3

One might think

Their luck would sync

With the flick of a calendar page

But not too long

After the opening song

They would begin to show their age

Before four minutes were through

Jarome Iginla blew

The puck past Pekka Rinne


Prepare the shrine!

But it would not be the Captain's day

Two quick goals put the Flames behind

Double that, and they were in a bind

The team was taking a greater wallop

Than Cory Sarich's once-full wallet

After a short and feeble bout

Brendan Morrison would shout

200! Hey look at me!

Our goalie took a nose dive

Our best defenceman's -5

But I can score on one good knee!

And without a doubt

How could we leave out

Olli Jokinen's 1000th game?

Now he has hair

But still inspires us to swear

Like when he first became a Flame

Twenty shots on goal

Won't cause your opponents to roll

And tremble in their skates with fear

But it might lull your fans to sleep

And cause them to weep

On the first day of this New Year.