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Friday's Hot Coals & Campbell is gone, long live Shanahan

Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond took the NHL's first suspension of the season by delivering a hit from behind on Matt Clackson. What is notable about this one is how the NHL is delivering the news.

It has been a long standing compliant for hockey fans that the NHL's suspension process is inconsistent and unclear. The NHL powers appear to have finally heard the fans.

Brendan Shanahan presents a clear presentation explaining the suspension, showing the hit and highlighting the rule. 

This is a big step in the right direction for the NHL's public relations. Leblond's hit is suspension worthy, he leaves his skates, targets Clarkson very early in the play and clearly hits him from behind. This new format of communicating with the fans is great, all that remains to be seen is if consistency can be maintained throughout the season. 

Other blogs have also taken note of the new presentation style. Here is a write up from Fear the Fin

  • Mikael Backlund talks about his higher expectations this year and his personal desire to be on the first line. (The Sun) Backlund in my view is the best prospect to come out of the Flames since Dion Phaneuf. He has a ton of room to grow and this kid is smart beyond his years. It is going to be fun to watch him evolve. 
  • Speaking of prospects Sven Baertschi is getting the looks. Described as electric and impressive here and dazzling here, the kid is definitely off on the right foot. I have a long standing rule not to get too excited about any prospects until I see them on NHL ice but you can't deny the kid has a had a good early go of it. 
  • Paul Byron is also having a good camp. (The Gazette) He looked impressive out there with Alex Tanguay and Rene Bourque. We should see him at some point this season. Aren't we all hoping that Regehr trade turns out to be better than it initially looked?
  • Alex Tanguay also really looked ready to roll right off the pop. No off-season rust and looked as smooth as ever. (The Gazette)