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First Cuts Complete

Jay Feaster and the rest of HOPS cut the Flames training camp roster today to 44.

These 15 guys were assigned to Abbotsford:

  • John Armstrong (C)
  • Adam Avramenko (G)
  • Bryan Cameron (RW)
  • Justin Dowling (C)
  • Turner Elson (LW)
  • Ryley Grantham (LW)
  • Ryan Howse (RW)
  • Quintin Laing (C)
  • Logan MacMillan (LW)
  • James Martin (D)
  • John Negrin (D)
  • Jonathan Rheault (RW)
  • C.J. Severyn (LW)
  • Dustin Sylvester (C)
  • Mitch Wahl (C)

Three guys are going back to their junior teams:

  • Michael Ferland (RW) Brandon (WHL)
  • Patrick Holland (RW) Tri City (WHL)
  • Joey Leach (D) Kootenay (WHL)

Lastly, Blake Gal (RW) has been released from his PTO, and will be heading back to Spokane (WHL).

Personally, I'm a little surprised about Negrin as I thought he showed exceptionally well in the Prospects games I saw. I guess having vets such as Wilson & Henry as well as the high expectations for T.J. Brodie probably sealed his fate. He'll be a regular eventually. I'm still a little fuzzy on why John Armstrong was brought back, but whatever. Not my money and he's not really taking a spot away.

In terms of the WHL guys, none of them were going to make the team and for the most part keeping them around much longer would've been a fruitless exercise. Leach in particular-he sucked. Gal never really did anything to justify sticking in Abby. Glad to see Sylvester hanging around, though. He's got a little skill and should mesh well with the vision the team seems to be going-less grind, more goal.

All in all, pretty standard. Look for another round of snips after the Weekend.