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Greetings, earthlings. One of your benevolent overlords (Am I a benevolent overlord? Am I even an overlord?) has set up a Yahoo! Fantasy league for you to join this season. But this is no regular fantasy league, no. This one has a very special prize...

...that I can't actually talk about here. But, if you email me at justin.azevedo20 (at) gmail (dot) com, then I will tell you what the prize is. It is good. Like, really good.

Onto the league. It's called Matchsticks and Gasoline and the league page can be found here (that link won't work if you haven't signed up yet). Easy-peasy scoring system: it's a head-to-head league with 10 statistical categories to be measured. The team with the most wins in the statistical categories wins the matchup. The categories? Goals, Assists, Penalty Minutes, PP points, PK points, GWGs, Hits, Wins, SV% and SO's.

I'm hoping to fill 16 spots with the league, but if we don't, not a big deal. If we have an odd number of teams I'll just run another one. It is a private league so you'll need to contact me to get the password. The draft is on Oct. 1st at 6:30 Calgary time. If you can't make the draft, a team will be autodrafted for you or you can set a draft list for Yahoo! to pick.

Last things: one, I will be winning this league because you all suck and two, if you pick any Canucks or Oilers YOU ARE DEAD TO ME.

Have fun.