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Thursday's Hot Coals & the politically incorrect names of teams

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Hot Coals

Step 1 in the top secret Flames operation "The Parise Pinch" has occurred. Zach Parise signed a one year deal worth 6 million to stay in Jersey for next year. The Flames will hardly be the only bidder next off-season as Parise hits the UFA market but they will be one with a ton of Cap room...

Just to add legitimacy to my never ending fantasies of signing big free agents, Kent Wilson also participates in the speculation on Flames Nation and now that Parise has taken the one-year deal it seems just a little more real.

Flames prospect Patrick Holland, 7th round pick had a nice little write up in the [Montreal Gazette]

*cough* [Foxnews] *cough* has an article on the veteran laden Flames and a potential playoff push.

Someone thinks Brendan Morrison's signing is good value. [Random Blog]

Further to Justin's Fanpost below the Herald discusses Jordan Sigalet [Calgary Herald]

Former Flame Gary Suter is being inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame [Calgary Herald]

Around the NHL

The new Winnipeg Jets logo is creating some hand wringing in Canada. Like Red Rose tea, only in Canada eh? This guy went completely off the deep end and I was shocked when I read his take on it, holy hockey Batman. I wish this guy would go stare at some burnt toast or something, he actually wants another cartoon logo.

He has every right in the world to express his views. To be against the Afghan war, even the military if he wants. I personally have a lot of respect for those who have been in the Service but it is part of living in a democracy that opposite views will be expressed. But why go off the deep end about a generic fighter jet logo for a hockey team? Many people had to have the Air Force connection explained to them. To say it promotes militarism is a big leap.

Do the little fighter jet plastic models that kids put together promote militarism? I used to build models all the time when I was a kid. Will those all be banned next along with squirt guns because hey, they are guns. I hope I am shuffled off this mortal coil long before this generation gets into power with their judgements for the entire population. Many things are in the eye of the beholder.

The issue is actually surprising if you google a little on it. There is some hardcore politically correct activists out there. Some are advocating the New York Jets change their name because it is offensive to survivors of 9/11. The New Jersey Devils have had mention of their name promoting Satanic worship. Animal rights activists are upset because some team names like the Boston Bruins demean animals in their view. Believe me it goes on and on and it gets whackier and whackier.

Every single team with a indigenous native group as its name has had complaints from the Edmonton Eskimos to the Chicago Blackhawks and everything in-between. The most interesting thing to me personally was that I was totally oblivious to all this politically correct banter, man I am old and out of touch.

I had a lengthy tirade on the absurdity of all this politically correct nonsense when it comes to sports teams but I decided to just delete it all. It is pointless because if there is one thing old age teaches you, it is that there is no point telling a young man like Mr. Tyler Shipley, who already knows everything, anything at all. Just please don't give me any more cartoon logos or lame names for hockey teams and I guess I'll be satisfied with that.

Shea Weber took the Predators to the wall and definitely won the arbitration negotiation. Weber just got 7.5 million from arbitration. [The Globe and Mail]

Nikolay Zherdev signs in Russia, is anyone surprised? [Broadstreet Hockey]

Patrick Sharp just got a 5 year extension with the Blackhawks. [The Hockey News]

Speaking of controversy I have an old article that I have been sitting on for awhile. A theoretical article on the NHL C-word, contraction. The reason I have been holding out on publishing it is because the reaction would likely be fast and furious from other fans but with this latest Islanders news - I dusted it off...

Anyone interested in reading it? Poll below...