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Back to School Shopping: Buying Crap with a Flaming C on it.

The 2011-12 season is slowly upon us... and most if not all die hard fans around the league are feverishly anticipating the new season, practicing their cheers and jeers, learning how to pronounce the names of new players and of course accumulating unimaginable swag to show the universe how much they care. As Morgan Freeman so eloquently put it..."there are fans, and then there are hockey fans". He left out that there are hockey fans who will buy all the crap in the world if there was a logo of their favourite team on it. Here are some of the dumbest things with Flames logos on it that money can buy that just have us wondering if the people selling us this crap are for serious...



Does anyone actually buy this crap or is Gary Bettman just trolling us? Don't get me wrong, I love buying Flames things--jerseys, t-shirts, hats--but there's got to be a line drawn... if you're dressing Mr. Pugglesworth up as Lee Stempniak to see if he'd be a good linemate with your other Flame Dogs (Iggle the Poodle and Irish Sutter your Irish Setter), there is more to be worrying about than the Lee Stempniak trade. Please feel free to share your favourites that might not have been listed so all of us hopeless fanatics can snatch up the latest in Flames crap...and bonus points if you dawn a Fleece Pullover Jersey while doing so and admit to it.