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An Ode to Daymond Langkow

After news broke of the trade that sent Daymond Langkow to the Phoenix Coyotes this afternoon, I decided to bid farewell to a well-loved player the only way I know how: in rhyme. Read on after the jump for my tribute to Lanks. 

You came to Calgary after the run

To replace Craig Conroy as Iggy's number one 

After three twenty-goal seasons, your offence did spike 

A centre who can score, what's not to like?

So we welcomed you in through the Saddledome door

But little did we know you'd become so much more


In your first season you continued to put up points

And fans of the Flames you did not disappoint

But the media, they had their doubts

"He's not a first line centre," echoed their shouts

We quickly learned to block out their screams

For you could score, defend, and play special teams 


You rarely got hurt, and played through it when you did

With two broken hands, you still donned your lid

Then came that fateful day against Minnesota

Your luck was absent, not even one iota

The puck flew off of Ian White's stick

And hit your neck with the force of a brick


Chances of your return seemed slim

But you came back and helped your team win

The Flames missed the playoffs and the summer was long

But we were sure that in Calgary, you still did belong

As August drew to a close you were traded to the Desert

Where you will surely be rewarded for your effort 


It won't be the same around here now that you're gone

After 392 games, your memory lives on 

Whether we like it or not, Lee Stempniak is here

And lucky for us, it's his contract year 



So long Lanks, you'll be missed.