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BREAKING: Daymond Langkow Traded To Phoenix

There's been a lot of "shocking developments" this offseason for Calgary Flames fans, but none might rival this one: Daymond Langkow has been traded to the Phoenix Coyotes for an as of yet unknown return, according to Dan Tencer.

While Langkow spent most of the last season out with a particularly nasty neck injury, his brief return near the end of the season was one of the few bright spots, as he played exceptionally. That a center is being traded is no surprise, given the depth of the organization at that position; that it's Daymond Langkow is a shock.

Langkow, while never a high scorer, is one of the best heavy lifters in the league and most fans were hoping he'd be relied upon to play against the top players from the other teams while allowing Iginla et al to play easy zone starts against pushovers.

Of note is that this deal will remove one of the larger cap hits from the Flames books, though Langkow is one of the few that probably earns his paycheck.

Stay tuned for more developments.

EDIT: The return is Lee Stempniak. We'll have more in-depth stuff on him as the week goes on. In the meantime, enjoy the emotionally appropriate song of the day:

Buddy Holly - Raining In My Heart (With Lyrics) (via KaceyC93)