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Tuesday's Hot Coals: Fancy Math Edition

Chuckin' Knuckles.
Chuckin' Knuckles.

So, the New York Islanders failed to gather the support needed to finance their "Lighthouse Project" and barring a miracle in the form of a New York-based investors group, will likely be gone from the boroughs in 2015-the year their stadium lease ends. Now, personally, I'm of the opinion that stadiums by themselves don't actually have any positive impact in relation to the local economy and billionaires should realize that there are costs involved with owning a sports team; but if the Lighthouse Project was actually intended to be a total entertainment complex and not just a ruse to get funding for an arena (when taken in context with owner Charles Wang's claims of $200 million plus losses), then I can understand why people would've voted yes. Then there's that whole "build it and they will come" fallacy, which essentially propagates loss and the matter of Nassau being the worst stadium in North America. Of course I feel bad for Isles fans, but sometimes the economics just don't work.

It'll be interesting in the next while when this type of debate opens up in Calgary. Would I be willing to pay $50 a year for an arena here? Simply put, no. This franchise has sold out 260 straight games. The average ticket price in the Saddledome is $159 per seat. Multiply that by 19,289 (how sad is it that I don't even need to check that) and by 41, and you get $125,744,991-or, twice what the salary cap is. I understand that the numbers aren't quite that simple, but coupled with the finances the owners already have access to, these guys don't need help to build an arena-and they have no leverage to get taxpayers to commit to it. Would anyone take a threat about moving seriously? I doubt it.

Links after the jump.

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Have a great Tuesday, everyone.