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Monday's Hot Coals: Vacation Edition

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Hello all! I bring you this special long-weekend edition of Monday's Hot Coals live from sweltering Toronto, Ontario where I am currently vacationing. Toronto is a city rich in hockey history, and one whose fans we don't necessarily have a consistently heated rivalry with more than twice a year when the Flames and Leafs square off in their respective barns (and when the occasional lopsided trade goes down, usually at the Flames' disadvantage). As such, since there's not too much going on in Flamesland at the moment, I thought I'd add a little love for our friends out east to today's links, while the off-season warm-and-fuzzies are still going strong. 

Links after the jump. 

The Leafs have signed late-round prospect David Broll to an entry-level deal, who is he and what does he bring to the team? [The Leafs Nation]

Looking back on the 2010-11 season [PPP]

Long-time Flame Gary Suter was inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame today alongside Chris Chelios and Keith Tkachuk [The Globe and Mail]

The New Jersey Devils have place defenceman Colin White on waivers, is he someone the Flames should consider adding to their roster? [Flames Nation]