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Wednesday's Hot Coals: Sven, Calgarian Royalty, Charity and More!

 Put your hands together, for your... Wednesday's.... Hot Coals...




  Like most Wednesday's this off-season things are pretty quiet on the Flames-front (I am beginning to think Arik and Hayley have me doing Wednesday's for a reason...) but it's a sexy quiet, so I will trek on and dig up the best stories I can for your reading pleasure.

 Sven Baertschi, the Flames 1st overall pick in the Feaster era, has signed with the big club in some what of an expected move--it's a 3 year, ELC--worth $925,000 with an AVV of 1.45 million dollars. That's a lot of Pizza.

  The best Matchsticks and Gasoline writers will have more on the signing later, but until then you've got me; the Rodney Dangerfield of this outfit-- a writer so hard done by I outsource my articles to my 4 year old cousin, Gertie.


 More tasteful bits of culture and hockey links after the jump...if you dare.


Buncha charitable drug peddling noobs.

 On Monday, Hayley wrote about Five Hole For Food, the charity street hockey event held in Calgary yesterday that saw many local celebrities including Justin and Hayley of M&G fame getting their shins slashed (all for a good cause)--the event was a reported huge success and at least 17  cans of food were donated. Knowing nothing about the actual game that was played or who won, the real winner of the event was the Calgary Food Bank.


 Update: LOL-- When I think of Bourque groupies I think of girls in Bourque jerseys or t-shirts, and cowboy hats. What a babe!



Sadly, I look just like this when I camp out for Flames playoff tickets.


 In Calgary--we have many great minor league level arenas, few better than the Max bell Arena, which was just recently used by old women to purchase wristbands so they could gawk at Prince William and Princess Kate from not so a far at a government reception. In honour of the Royal couple, I thought it would be great to take a look at some of the Royal couples of the Flames organization.



 Royalty personified. Kara and Jarome's Royal Wedding.



 How could we forget Dion and Elisha. How could you trade away such sloppy seconds, Sutter? How could you.


  Images_medium_medium Images-1_medium
 And not to be forgotten... HAHAHAHAHA

 After looking at those  lovely couples, it's probably a good antithesis to say that Ex-NHL Barnaby will serve 500 hours community service. That's a lot of reading Harry Potter to Blind kids, but he's a seasoned vet and can read at a grade 9 level, so I know he can do it.

 Do you know what happens when you call out management and ownership deep within a jungle of passionate fans? EDITORIAL SUICIDE.

 @HockeyBreak is reporting that the Flames are interested in Capitals forward, Nicklas Backstrom, but that there's no chance he'll be moved. That's why I love twitter folks.

The Great One doesn't just sell cars in commercials--he haunts Calgarians with his statue...really interesting read from the star.

 Did you know that there were Calgary Flames chocolates (scroll down a bit)? Neither did I, but I bet they taste bitter at the start but rich and suttery after you try a few. These would make the perfect treat for someone you love, or an Oilers fan.

 I love the guy a bunch, but reading tweets about Darryl Sutter, especially in the midst of the FA Frenzy is truly amazing.

 The non-related Flames tweet of the week goes too...



 But I like reading up on Gary Roberts. :(