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Tuesday's Hot Coals: I Have Absolutely Nothing To Say

Today's Hot Coals are presented without comment (I'm breaking in a new watch, packing for leave, and doing like 5,000,000 other things, so it's a bit brief.


  • Thomas Drance and the CanucksArmy have released their sixth podcast episode. It's pretty good...all things considered. (That was supposed to be somehow menacing. It failed.) [CanucksArmy]
  • A piece about my favorite Non-Flame hockey player? Yes please! [St. Catharine's Standard]
  • I like Puck Daddy. Wysh, Leahy, Bourne, and Lambert are like the heartbeat of hockey culture. But when they try actual analysis of, say, the top 25 centers...yikes. (Though to be fair, this is better than most MSM would generate.) [Puck Daddy]
  • I get a chuckle out of all Ryan Smyth stories now that he didn't get traded to Calgary. Heh. [Copper & Blue]
  • Back to Puck Daddy for a moment: Bourne has some of the best hockey anecdotes and around. [Puck Daddy]
On a non-hockey related note- this tweet/photo just rules:

@AbbyWambach & other @WomensProSoccer players recognized by #USCG for World Cup performance. #WPS U.S. Coast Guard than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply


Finally, the first audition post is going up tomorrow, and it's good. We've also got one more surprise coming...