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Thursdays Hot Coals: A New Voice for the Flames

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Hot Coals

  • Top Flames news today is that Rob Kerr will be the new voice of the Flames as reported here and here.Truth be told, I am pretty neutral on the whole play by play and quality of announcers discussion. I've watched all my hockey on-line for years now and often watch games muted if the announcer annoys me. I have the option to choose the announcer and often prefer to listen to the away announcer because it provides a critical view but that is just my preference, if they get on my nerves I mute them which happens often.   

I do listen to the Fan960 on-line, when the connection works, and am pretty satisfied with their work. I wish they had more Flames related podcasts in archive for the international audience to listen to later but alas, a lot of their site gets blocked outside of Canada which is utterly annoying to us international Flames fans. 


I am posting this link blind. I get a nice error message that says this video can not be viewed from my current country or location. Geez, China Internet Wall much ? Hopefully the link works for you. 


Kerr is a familiar voice to Flames fans and does have more energy generally speaking but it remains to be seen how he will do with the critical ears of the hardcore hockey fans. He is well known amongst Flames fans so his previous relationship with them may make for a smoother transition to the role then a brand new face. Good luck Rob…

  • Looks like there are still 14 remaining Atlanta Flames fans left in Atlanta. I remember with utter clarity as a kid when the Flames were moved and not a peep appeared about them in our non-internet world at the time.
  • Here is an archive link from that glorious day for Calgary Flames fans, sad day for Atlanta Flames fans from the Atlanta news on May 24, 1980
  • T.J. Brodie got a nice little write up in his former Saginaw local where he played for the Spirit.
  • A Flames fan showed a little broken hearted love for the team by posting signs all over the city. Justin was this you? Apparently not, Roy Stallin was the guy. Some say it was wasted effort, critical of the team etc. I personally saw it as very positive and creative. I am haunted by the memory of the Flames 7 year dark age and walking into a half empty Saddledome, when the majority of Calgarians didn't even seem to care about NHL hockey in Calgary. So I think it is cool that fans today care enough to do this. That kind of personal creative effort is a hallmark of great fans who love their team and I am really glad they have taken root in Calgary today.

NHL Sparks:

Puck Daddy gives Red Wing Chris Osgood the HHOF pass. I agree, the playoffs are what matters and the guy shined when the chips were on the line. Travis Hughes our SBNation commander and chief disagrees here. Time will tell but can you name another Goalie who has won 2 Stanley Cups who isn't in the HHOF ?

The Buffalo Sabres are kicking ass with ticket renewal rates going to 99%. Huge congratulations to them and they should be in for a great season next year. A solid owner who puts money into the team and a solid product on the ice draws the fans, good for them and hopefully other NHL owners will take note. 

Too bad Blue Jackets fans are not doing the same thing. They are now significantly improved and a true bubble team like the Flames. They are holding court on it here. Hope the fans start coming in and I also hope they get their wish for a shift to the Eastern Conference. The time zone differential will really help them in growing their fan base - IMO 

The Islanders have a pending referendum on August 1 for a new arena and may make a move to "energize the fanbase." In rock solid markets like Toronto, Detroit  this type of thinking doesn't factor but it does in other markets - interesting

Campoli got a pink slip from the Blackhawks, does it matter? The 'Hawks are a lock for the playoffs, arguably better than last year in my view.

And that should wind it up for today...

Although some hockey news always breaks later when I do Hot Coals.