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Tuesday's Hot Coals: The End of Awful Rumors

Steven Stamkos is no longer an RFA. THANK GOD.

Look, I know we Flames fans don't have a lot to get excited about these days, but just because the Flames briefly had cap space (that was quickly eaten up by every #7 D in the league) and Steven Stamkos was an RFA who hadn't signed quickly doesn't mean that GM Jay Feaster was going to sign him to an offer sheet. And today Steve Yzerman proved that quite happily.

It's also worth pointing out that Shea Weber and Zach Parise will also not wear the Flaming C next season. In case you were curious. (It's been a long/poor day, if you can't tell). Links after the jump.


  • Ashton Kutcher Eric T. of Broadstreet Hockey looks at choices made by Paul Holmgren in the past and how they forced his hand this summer. BUTTERFLY EFFECT! [BSH]
  • Some people on the internet hate something I wrote enough to talk about it on ten pages. Hilarious. [CP]
  • New Down Goes Brown: funny, hilarious, entertaining. [DGB]
  • The aforementioned Steven Stamkos news. Someone on Twitter mentioned that they were happy for Stammer, but really happy for the Bolts beat writer who would no longer have to field annoying questions about Stamkos and his contract. It was clever. [Puck Daddy]
  • Non Hockey Link: NEW RYAN ADAMS SONG. [Crawdaddy]