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Breaking: Calgary Flames Accidentally Re-Sign Brett Carson

In a move that can only be summarized with "Whoops?", the Calgary Flames resigned frequent non-contributer Brett Carson to a two year contract worth $1.15M. Brett Carson was the defenseman the Flames mistakenly picked up on waivers last February and chose to scratch every remaining night of the season except the nights Steve Staios' rheumatism acted up.

Said Calgary GM Jay Feaster on the signing:

I don't know how it happens, but it seems like everytime I pick up my pen to sign my name a document with Brett Carson's name on it slips underneath. It's the strangest thing.

In six games played in 10-11 with the Calgary Flames, Carson contributed zero goals and zero assists and averaged something around 10 minutes a game.

Regina native Brett Carson issued the following statement on his new contract:

Well- they could've traded my rights for Brett Lebda, so the Flames have that going for them.