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Wednesdays Hot Coals: Turning up the Heat (read: enticing title)


 Theo Fleury is so Hollywood--I don't even know him as a hockey player any more. He's written a book, he's starred in some stupid movie where hockey players sing (hahahaha HEAD HURT. SO DUMB), he's been on Battle of the Blades, and his Alberta Theatre projects, theatre project, "Playing with Fire" obtained nothing but rave review (the ATP webpage only has 1 review posted...and it was by the Director)--and it's still a year away from it's first live show...and it got me thinking; what would it be like if other former Flames got the "bug"? Is that something Flames fans would actually want to see?

  I asked that same question in the form of a question, to the Alberta Theatre Project via phone ((403) 294-7475) and pitched a hundred dollar idea--a rap musical about Darryl Sutter... I know, I know--genius. Unfortunatley they hung up on me before I could tell them about the cliffhanger ending, but that's hollywood for you. I did however make a concept video to prove that Sutter + Rap = Winning Culture...


More stupidity after the jump.


 To answer your question. Mmm, yes. I did include stock Farm footage.


  Games against Phoenix could have gotten a lot easier for the Flames.

   I hope the Flames draft Tomas Jurco, who's name do you hope the team will call out on the 24th?

  People forget that Cam Neely isn't just an assistant architecht for the Cup contending Bruins, but he's also Seabass. Mr. Fleury, you were a fine hockey player here in Calgary, but if you continue down the road you lead, please use Mr. Neely as a shining example.

 Even though they are the last Canadian team in the playoffs--I can't cheer for a team that that has fans that think they are so amazing that they can take over another teams official message boards, because their's is at capacity. (It was worse about 2 weeks ago without the moderators chiming in).

 What ideas will you be pitching to Alberta Theatre Projects? Do you have any Flames/Actors in mind for the starring roles? Please share your ideas in the comments section, and don't forget to give your critical review of "Darrly Sutter The Musical"--if "Playing with Fire" can get,  this review...""Theo’s story is exciting, dramatic, gripping – real theatre about a real person, set in this very city of ours. It’ll be dynamite." the Darryl Sutter one has to at least get one of those "It was okay" ones you hear from your friends when you ask them about things.

 This Hot Coals was brought to you by, "Playing with Fire"--, Playing With Fire, in "theatre" May 1st to 20th 2012.