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Thursday's Hot Coals

David Moss feels the love from his hometown: Coal 1

The Flames schedule sucks: Coal 2


Kent Wilson targets 3 Calgary contracts as potential dumps to Florida. The Flames gotta love the Cap floor now as it is putting several teams in a position of actually wanting overpaid players - Yes ! - Coal 3


Nice little tidbit here on the recent Hall of Fame additions, completely missed the fact that the Flames Cup team of 1989 now has 5 players in the HHOF. Damn, that team was awesome, stupid Gretzky Oilers, we probably would have had three Cups in that era instead of just one if it hasn't been for them. Coal 4



NHL Sparks: 


Paul Kariya retires - tons of articles on this, I liked this one best because it discusses how slow progress has been in the NHL on head shots. Spark 1 


Will Stamkos potentially go to Philly? Spark 2 If Stamkos leaves Tampa it will shock me but the story seems to have traction out there. Spark 3


Down Goes Brown gives us a take on what Brad Richards is going to go through tomorrow - great link as usual - I'm glad this guy is actually getting paid now for his stuff. Spark 4 


Personally, I am cheering on the Leafs in the Richards sweepstakes, sign him to a monster long-term contact. Richards may have a quality 2-3 years left in him and the Leafs are not even close to Cup Contenders even with him, soooooo by the time they fill out the rest of their roster Richards will be that underperforming expensive anchor on them that will actually prevent them from even getting to a Conference Final. 


The Jaromir Jagr watch is going into Day 3 with the Red Wings, Penguins and the Rangers in the running. Spark 5


I have some speculation for your amusement after the jump which you can take or leave. 

The one person I know who is a genuine source, or at least I consider him to be, you don't have to, gave me another couple tidbits in our post-draft chit-chat.

Since I am not going to name him, you may as well take this for exactly what it appears to be, one of those fluffy things that you read on blogs. 


High probability as pure and total web bull from your perspective but he was the same guy who also told me the Thrashers were definitely going to Winnipeg for this season. So in the completely unsupported rumors department from the fluffy M&G writer who you really shouldn't take too seriously anyway, comes the following:


(1) Feaster was never serious about getting Ryan Smyth. He is on very good terms with Dean Lombardi and was doing him a favor feeding the media hype about Calgary wanting Smyth. Driving up the price for Smyth for Lombardi, this drove Tambellini up the wall by the way.


I personally was ok with getting Smyth for the Flames because I personally like him as a player but my attempt at debating this got a lot of muffled chuckles back at me.


(2) The other tidbit is that Feaster has floated Miikka Kiprusoff's name to gauge interest. Something the Flames have not done before. 


This is NOT to say Kipper is getting traded, these deals can take months to work out and even with months of back and forth, often never materialize. The view on Kipper by many is that despite his recent underwhelming numbers, he is still a clutch goalie who can rise to elite level but is currently overworked.


Some teams may attach higher value to him, he is still not that old for a goalie. 


Some top and bottom teams may have interest. Bottom teams may be happy to take on his higher Cap hit because of that very friendly 1.5 million in the last year of his contract. Top teams may be interested in taking a G who still has a clutch performance reputation.


Bottom line is that this upcoming season is a big one for Miikka and if the Flames are not in a playoff position by the trade deadline something may be worked out but isn't that the case for any player with any team, right?


Personally, I think the Flames will not move Kipper, I find the very suggestion pretty odd but what can I say. The Flames would have to get a G coming back, no way around that. No one is ready to take #1 on the Flames, so the list is pretty short once you go through the teams who can send a #1G back. 


But whatever, completely unsupported gossip from your perspective, disregard at will. When Feaster says the Flames are open for business, he isn't kidding, that much is certain given that Regehr has been moved at this point.


This is going to be a huge year for the Flames and the tree is going to continue to shake if the team is not performing, they have run out of wait and see time.