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Wednesday's Hot Coals: Alberta's version of the VAN Riots, Wikipedia, and more


  This just in.

In what 2 people in the Twitter community are now calling "Alberta's version of the Vancouver Riots", Ponoka boo'ed the Flames float during a parade for the Ponoka Stampede. Innocent bystanders watched in horror as a beautifully made Calgary Flames float, drifted by the streets of small town Ponoka Alberta only to be lit aflame with the hellfire of the savage mob's boo's. How classless. Buncha butt-kissing farmers.


   We now go live to one of our twitter reporters tweet, Rob_Mcarthur was one of the first on the scene. Be advised of the graphic nature--this is not for the faint of heart. 


  The day in Ponoka, reminded (2) people of the tragedy in Vancouver earlier this month. Children were pelted with Candy and loot; traditional Ponoka parade ritual I am told, the streets were filled with rubbish, hay and streams of alcohol, the feed store was reportedly looted by a hungry pig and Police were unable to intervene as they themselves had a Float in the parade; Pandemonium took root. One woman high atop "the hay bale" could be heard crying, "It's so sad to see this happen again,This is a real black eye on our town"

   No indication just how much of the Flames Float was boo'd and roasted or if it was truly deserved, but I can say this (chair swivel, look to camera 2, glasses off) I'm taking you off my friends list, Ponoka.

 More stupidity (and actual Flames information) after the jump.


  •  If you want to learn more about Ponoka--try wikipediaing it... speaking of Wikipedia, Theoren Fleury is Today's Featured Article on Wikipedia--that's actually a bigger honour and recognition than you might think. If you're like some Flames reporters (I'm looking at you Mike! jk), you only frequent Wikipedia during the school months, but that's not the case boys and girls--if you're not up to date with all there is to know about Theo, this is a highly recommended piece of English lit (that's a call back from last week).


 Free Agency

 With the Free Agent floodgates opening on Friday, Flames fans are hopeful that Jay Feaster can add a good piece or two--without breaking the bank. Here are some interesting July 1st-themed links:



 Who do you think the Flames should sign during Free Agency? I'd really like to hear which diamond-in-the-rough free agents that you think could play a beneficial role in this team's development.



  •   There's really not that much going on in Flames land (can you tell? lol) but here's more from Copper and Blue (love these guys' work, hate their team).
  •  I like being a real news guy, so we now go live to our actor correspondent, Michael Cera as he talks about the psychology of being a UFA on July 1st. Michael, you're a method actor, I mean we've all seen Year One... so what do are you thinking if you're a UFA on July 1st? Get deep inside their heads and tell the folks at home what they're thinking...




  That's just the kind of day it's been.


 You stay classy internets.