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Assorted Thoughts and Facts on the Flames NHL Draft Weekend

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After big events like this, I've always got a few stray thoughts and observations that I can't really flesh out into something worthy of a full post, so here's my assorted thoughts on the NHL Draft, and more specifically the Calgary Flames.

  • Without a doubt, my favorite part of the draft is this photo. Seriously, he looks like he's about to, well, I'm not sure what it is he looks like he's about to do, but nothing good, that's for certain.
  • Did you know the average height of the players selected by the Calgary Flames is 5'11". Quite a change from the Sutter mentality of "Bigger and slower is better", no? Add in Paul Byron, who's 5'9" (and almost certainly the best player in Abbottsford next season) and this is a hell of a philosphy shift.
  • There's a slight chance we could see 4th round pick John Gaudreau in Abbottsford next year. If Northeastern won't release him from his NLI, getting signed by a pro-club or going back to the USHL is the only other likely way to get out of it. And I'm pretty sure being in the USHL means he doesn't have to worry about those absurd CHL rules about 18 year olds in the AHL.

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  •  In case you're wondering why Jeff Carter and Mike Richards were traded, there's two rumors going around- and they're probably related. The first one is that though it made the headlines less, the partying was still non-stop. The second is that it was mandated by ownership. Even money says the ownership was sick of the headaches.
  • Oh, and Holmgren got robbed. He traded two top end players in the league- and while Voracek, Schenn, Couturier, and Simmonds aren't a terrible return- none of them are on the level of Richards/Carter and despite high upsides, it's unlikely both Schenn/Couturier. You trade older players on the down hill slope of their career for picks/prospects, not younger players who are excellent and still improving.
  • Things I'm still laughing about:
    • The Jets drafting Mark Scheifiele.
    • The Jets not drafting Sean Couturier.
    • People being upset that the Flames didn't draft Joel Armia.
  • More on Armia. He's not a bad late first round pick, but seriously- I don't see the upside. I see him as someone who can dominate lesser leagues but won't ever make it in a full capacity in the NHL.
  • I've pointed this out a few times, but I've never published it really: Flames fans- we were never going to get Setoguchi for Regehr, much less with Charlie Coyle thrown in. And Ales Kotalik. Just because San Jose traded them for A defenseman doesn't mean they would've traded them for OUR defenseman.
  • Furthermore, perceived value and actual value are vastly different for Regehr, assuming by value you mean "What someone will pay for him". We perceive Reggie's value as a top defenseman. His actual trade value, correct or incorrect (Note: it's incorrect), is as a 4th defenseman. And when you're trying to shed Kotalik's salary too, you're in for a rough patch.
  • I'll bet the coffee cup I'm drinking out of right now that this particular Friday is even more nuts than the one that just passed. Seriously- any takers?