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Hot Coals: Pre-draft Deals, Will the Flames Participate

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Yesterday melted my hockey brain.  When I first saw that Reggie was on the block, I scrambled to read what I could about potential prospects coming the other way.

Luke Adam had a good year in the AHL (more than a point per game), but Hockey's Future ranks him as a potential 2nd line forward in the NHL.  However, I'd much rather see Zach Kassian in the deal.  Don't count on that one though.

However, if the Flames also get Buffalo's first round pick, 16th overall, they have the ability to work all kinds of movement up the draft board to get the guys they want.  I personally would love to see Rocco Grimaldi in a Flames uniform.  It might be reasonable to grab him at 16th, while packaging the 13th with 1 or 2 2nd's to jump into the top 7 picks to grab a guy like Ryan Strome.

As for the Flyers, there is just no way to properly explain the day they had.  If you'd like to see my take on their moves (shameless plug alert), stop by Hockey Prospectus.

By the way, just think about the amount of shots a line with Rick Nash and Jeff Carter could generate on net.  Come to think of it, they better find a passer to play on that line.