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Rumour - Ryan Smyth to Calgary ?

Well two reputable sources now say Calgary has a deal in the works for Ryan Smyth

TSN's Bob Mackenzie and ESPN.

Will this day get any crazier...

This deal may be rational IF Stajan and Hagman are going back to L.A. This allows the Flames to shed Stajan's contract long term and they would save 250K for this season on the Cap. With Wayne Simmonds being sent from L.A. the Kings may be interested in Vet third line players at this point. 

One can also read between the lines on Tanguay on LW and Smyth as a LW as well...

Smyth is certainly expensive but he is also only expensive for one year. Is the rebuild already underway and no one told us or what? Smyth would only be in Calgary for a year, next year which I think lots of fans may prefer over a 4-5 year Tanguay deal. 

Who knows how the cookie will crumble here. 

But we should all know within 48 hours as per Quisp over at the Kings blog.


Bob McKenzie
It is not done but CGY is working to acquire Ryan Smyth. Smyth has final say with his NTC but it may be as close as he gets to EDM.