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Calgary Flames Sign Two More Years of Fist Pumping Action for $1.725M

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In the "News We All Assumed Was Coming Eventually" department, Henrik Karlsson has re-signed with the Flames for $1.725M over a period of two years, leaving a pretty easy cap hit of $862K. Not too shabby Feaster.

Still, the signing in and of itself is pretty much a non-story, as it's a low cap hit for low years with no clauses. A slam dunk (I'm trying to bring that back). What makes this a bigger story is the following quote:

 Jason Deforest 


Of course, on Twitter people quickly jumped to conclusions, asking about Miikka being traded or the organization giving up on Goalie of the Future Leland Irving, who's had a total of one(!) above average season in the AHL.

Said Feaster on such nonsense:


"Certainly there will be an opportunity for Leland in camp. It's not a case of saying the job is being given to Hank. Certainly I think the contract we've signed Hank to is one that is a very fair reflection of the market so if we decide in fact that Leland takes the job then we'd have to look at doing some other things.

"It doesn't preclude anything with Leland. It's just a recognition that based on what he did last year and where we feel Karlsson is, we wanted to get Karlsson wrapped up."

Clearly the number one goalie talk was just the organization paying a compliment to a player who could've likely found a backup job elsewhere should he have chosen to. 

I'd be remiss if I failed to end the article with the greatest song known to mankind, but apparently the song is gone from YouTube, unless someone can find a new link.