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Thursdays Hot Coals: The Bruins

Evidence that Vancouver brings down Canada's top 5 international education ranking - Vancouver Police can you please go arrest Brock Anton - thx 

Anyone still think the Canucks are Canada's team?

Not that anyone here ever did but I personally had to listen to a lot of that over the playoffs from some family and friends. I want todays Hot Coals to stay focused on the Bruins and their victory, on facts and hockey only links that honor the best parts of last night. That admire and endorse this Cup winning team that more than deserves the Cup, that earned it without question. 

Bruins fans party - take note Vancouver - hockey fans may bang the glass but they don't break it. It is also evidence that drunk young men can gather in one place and have a good time without it damaging anything - who knew? 

The 2011 Bruins are the first team in NHL history to win 3 Game sevens on the way to clinching the Cup. The Boston Bruins are the definition of clutch this year - Chara accepts the Cup . 

Tim Thomas wins the Conn Smythe - couple interesting facts; he is the oldest winner of the Conn Smythe in NHL history at age 37, only the second American to win and Thomas joins Martin Brodeur, Gump Worsley and Johnny Bower as only the 4th Goalie to win the Stanley Cup with a Game 7 shut-out.

Thomas stands out amongst even this group as the only goalie to do it on the road. Check out Thomas tend like a warrior. 

Thomas allowed just 8 goals in 7 games and this was against the NHL's #1 offense. The Conn Smythe was a lock for him - check out his post- Cup interview

Zedno Chara made champagne bottles look like little bottles of Perrier in his hands. 

Mark Recchi retired after 23 seasons in the NHL and went out on top by adding another Cup ring to the two he has.

I'm still trying to figure out who Brad Marchand is but he was clutch and he looks pretty happy

The Bruins brought home their first Cup since 1972, 39 years since the last one. It makes the franchise total now 6 Cups. This is the 4th most in NHL history after the Canadiens, Maple Leafs and Red Wings

May this video give you the goosebumps it gave me - In the grand tradition of true hockey the Bruins earned this Cup with honor.

Congratulations Bruins - I think something else happened last night but your victory is all that anyone should remember.

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