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Tuesday's Hot Coals: Self Reflection. And Zero Atlanta/Winnipeg Links.

So apparently something to do with money and Bettman and Atlanta and Coca-Cola and Winnipeg and poor people happened today. I don't know. Isn't Winnipeg in like Greenland or something?

Anyways, given all the hubbub over that nonsense, I've decided to only link to non-Thrashers/Jets stories in the Hot Coals today. Enjoy after the jump!


  • This is your obligatory Down Goes Brown post. Did I mention I was on a radio show with him last week? #kidding #selfaware #cantstopusinghashtags [Down Goes Brown]
  • Scott Reynolds of Copper and Blue takes a look at Regehr's favorite Oiler's season. No, wait- that was confusing. Scott Reynolds of Copper and Blue takes a look at the season of Regehr's favorite Oiler: Ales Hemsky. There- I CAN write without sounding like a jackass. Sometimes. [Copper and Blue]
  • It's important to enjoy and respect all things Anti-Vancouver. Like this thing! [Blades of Funny]
  • On a serious note: Kent Wilson takes another look at the (horrifyingly near) Erixon deadline and draws mostly the same conclusions as me. Also I get called a hack in the comments. [Flamesnation]