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Day 21 - Open Playoff Thread

I decided to let a few games go by before opening the Playoff Threads for the Second Round. We have had a bit of a look at the match-ups and how they are going at this point now. We have no Cinderalla team this year, as all 8 of the teams that advanced to the second round all finished somewhere in the top ten overall.

Tonight on the schedule we have:

Capitals vs Lightning (Series 2-0 Bolts) 6:30 PM ET VERSUS (HD),TSN (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-DC (HD),SUN (HD) 

The Bolts may turn out to be the closest thing to a underdog we have in the playoffs this year, aside from the Predators. Martin St. Louis and his yellow stick of hockey death is in the top 5 for playoff scoring with 5G and 5A along with teammate Vincent Lecavalier with 4G and 6A. The other absolute giant for the Bolts is Dwayne Roloson in Net whose playoff Save % sits at 0.947 for the playoffs. 

It is hard to see where the Capitals are really falling down. Mike Green could have had a better game but they have had plenty of Powerplays but just cannot beat Roloson. 

Canucks vs Predators (Series 1-1) 9:00 PM ET VERSUS (HD),CBC (HD),RIS (HD),SPSO 

The Predators have to be happy coming home to Nashville with a split in Vancouver. The biggest advantage the Predators have over the Blackhawks is that they have come to play hard immediately in the series. This one is not going to be a cake walk for the Canucks. The big hole that has appeared in the Canuck offense is the sudden dissapearance of the Sedins who absolutely have to reappear and find a way to solve Pekka Rinne

More Playoff Stuff after the jump

Flyers vs Bruins (Series 2-0 Bruins) 

I can summarize this entire series so far with one word for both teams

" Goaltending "

Sharks vs Red Wings (Series 2-0 Sharks)

The Red Wings have come out a lot slower than I expected, especially after such a strong series against the Coyotes. Not to undervalue the Sharks, this may be the year they shake their bad playoff reputation. The Sharks are finding a way to win games, even games they did not necessarily look the strongest in but that is a team marching forward.

Joe Thornton is starting to come alive and that can not be a good thing for the Red Wings.