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Matchsticks and Microphones Episode 11 (4/6/2011)

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Come one! Come all! Gather round readers, for tonight we have a special treat. Yes- the 11th episode of Matchsticks and Microphones is released, and it's Iggy-licious.

The lineup is Justin (of course), our rad managing editor Hayley, Ryan Lambert of, and Mike H. from, who got a lot of press during the last game against Colorado.

The subjects are the week that was, the week that will be, and Jarome Iginla's greatest moments. It gets a little teary.

So when the game tonight is on intermission, or maybe turns too awful to watch, give the podcast a play, because it's a good one.

As always, the AMAZING intro and outro music is "Another Room" by Blair Miskie and the Goods, here's their website and here's a link to the iTunes mp3 version of the song- it's good stuff. And finally, the podcast mp3 is after the jump. Enjoy!

Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 11 (4/6/2011))