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Day 15 - Open Playoff Thread

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Two more Game 7's on the agenda for tonight, to go with the two we had last night. 

This has been a really good first round. Only one sweep and all the series were top notch. After tonight the survival of the fittest for Round 2 will be narrowed to 8. So far I have five of the 8 winners picked, so I am at least batting above pure 50/50 randomness. My long-shot pick for the Kings missed but alas. 

Bruins vs Canadiens (Series tied) 7:00 PM ET RDS,CBC (HD),VERSUS,NESN (HD) 

The Bruins have home ice advantage. Will it matter in this series that started out with the clubs exchanging a couple wins in each other's buildings? Look to Mike Cammalleri for the key goals for the Habs and look for the Bruins to be focusing on shutting him down. Montreal has a history of shining under pressure and Boston has that historic shame of last year, can they shake that off or is it still in their heads?.

I picked the Habs in my playoff calls because I thought they matched up better against the Bruins. It all comes down to tonight. 

Penguins vs Lightning (Series tied) 8:00 PM ET VERSUS (JIP),RIS (HD),TSN (HD),NHLN-US (HD),SUN (HD),ROOT (HD) 

The Penguins had a good lock on this series at one point. Up 3-1 but they seriously took their foot off the gas. Allowing the Bolts to rout them 8-2 in game 5. The Bolts went on to take Game 6 at home comfortably with a 4-2 game. The Penguins are revealing what I was worried about when I made my call for the Bolts in this series. A lack of offense. 

The Bolts have 6 players, yes 6, who have 5 points or more in this series and that is more than any Penguin playerer can claim in this series. By the way, none of those 6 Bolt players is named Steven Stamkos either. If the Bolts can solve Marc-Andre Fleury early, they will be in control of the game. For Pens fans, fear that guy called Vinny, he is the forgotten man on this much improved Bolts team. 

Go Bolts, Go Habs, make me look like a Oracle...