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Day 14 - Open Playoff Thread

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The Kings were eliminated last night by the Sharks and the Lightning battled their way to a Game 7 with the Penguins. The Habs hope to do the same tonight in Montreal. 

Bruins vs Canadiens (Series 3-2 Boston) 7:00 PM ET RDS,CBC (HD),NHLN-US (HD),NESN (HD) 

The Bruins can eliminate the Habs in Game 6 tonight. Michael Cammalleri leads the series with 2G 5A. Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins is right behind him with 2G 4A. 

Flyers vs Sabres (Series tied 3-3) 7:30 PM ET TSN,VERSUS,MSG-B (HD),CSN-PH (HD) 

Winner take all in this series which has turned out to be tighter than many expected. The Sabres have looked stronger than the Flyers in several games. The Flyers have battled through their goaltending merry-go-around to hang in. It was a series that many picked the Flyers would easily win but few will confidently pick the winner tonight in this Game 7.

Canucks vs Blackhawks (Series tied 3-3)  10:00 PM ET CBC (HD),RDS (HD),VERSUS,CSN-CH (HD) 

The Big Enchilada tonight for most hockey fans. The Blackhawks have battled back from being down 3-0 in the series to bring on a Game 7. The Canucks are staring into the abyss of a historic loss. They simply must be terrified of it happening. The pressure must be gigantic for them, as they suit up tonight.

A loss would give them the dubious distinction of the biggest choke in NHL history or they can salvage the season by moving onto the 2nd round. The excuses are already starting before Game 7 has even begun with the Nuck blogs buzzing and that cannot be a good sign. 

Not a game to miss. I am actually a little nervous myself what the Rogers crowd might do during and after this game if it starts to go south for the Canucks.