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Day 12 - Open Playoff Thread

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The Rangers rode off into the sunset yesterday. It would have been nice to see this series go another game as the fans had really come alive on both sides. Capitals fans responding with their own chant of "We are Louder." Alex Ovechkin and company are into Round 2 and Ranger and Capital fans will have to wait till next year for a possible re-match.

Three possible elimination games tonight. 

Flyers vs Sabres  (Series 3-2 Sabres) 3:00 PM ET TSN,NBC (HD),RDS (HD) 

Mike Richards has to come alive. He only has two points in the series and has yet to score a goal. Jason Pominville is out for the Sabres after suffering a cut just below the calf. The Flyers are really missing Chris Pronger and the fact he isn't in the line-up is a factor. The Sabres have the chance to take the Flyers out at home today and take advantage of their rotating Goalie system, who knows who will start for the Flyers in net.

Predators vs Ducks (Series 3-2 Predators) 6:00 PM ET TSN,RIS (HD),PRIME (HD),SPSO 

The Predators can make franchise history today by eliminating the Ducks. It would be the first time in their 13 year history that they advanced to the second round. Pekka Rinne has to up his game. He only has a 0.865 SV% in the series and he has to take it higher. Yes he is facing uber-elite players in Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Teemu Selanne but he has to find more ways to stop the puck. 

Canucks vs Blackhawks (Series 3-2 Canucks) 7:30 PM ET CBC (HD),VERSUS,RDS (HD),CSN-CH (HD) 

The one that you have to see. The big question on everyone's lips lately is the apparent collapse of the Canucks in the last two games of their series. Fine to lose by a goal or two, it happens, but the Nucks have been utterly routed. The have the opportunity to respond in Chicago and eliminate the 'Hawks, get past the embarrassment and put it behind them. Will they respond? Biggest game of the night.