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Day 10 - Open Playoff Thread

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2 games in the lineup tonight, neither one is an elimination game, so it is a sort of casual Friday for playoff hockey. 

Flyers vs Sabres (Series tied 2-2) 7:30 PM ET RDS (HD),TSN,VERSUS,MSG-B (HD),CSN-PH (HD)

The Flyers have themselves a handful now. As I anticipated early on, if Ryan Miller came alive the Flyers quite seriously may see themselves upset. The Flyers should be rolling 4 strong lines like a tidal wave at Miller but they hit a wall or more metaphorically flew into a window at high speed. A 1-0 shutout is a score that hails back to the pre-lock-out era. The Flyers did come into the playoffs cold and if they don't wake up from it...

Ducks vs Predators (Series tied 2-2) 10:00 PM ET TSN,RDS (HD),VERSUS,FS-TN,PRIME (HD) 

This is one of my favorite series so far. It has been so unpredictable.  You really have no idea who to pick to win from game to game. It is a great match-up. Great hockey with a little bit of everything. Bobby Ryan is back in the line-up now after his well deserved suspension for his skate stomp. I have not been a fan of a lot of the calls out there this year but this is one suspension that I definitely saw as absolutely justified. 

Pekka Rinne got the hook in the last game, which was a bit of a shocker to me, not that he got pulled but that his play has been so sub-par. Here I had anticipated Ray Emery to be the Goalie who the series rested on and the one capable of blowing it for the Ducks.

Not even going to venture a guess about who will win the game tonight or the series. 

What the Canuck? (WTC)

I had written a small deconstruction of last night's 'Hawk vs Canucks game where the Blackhawks shut out the Canucks 5-0 - I decided not to publish. I have no idea what is going on in this series now. Those who say they do are fibbing. The Canucks losing is not the issue, it is how they are losing which has got to have everyone in Canada west of the Rockies taking a big deep breath. 

Who knows what is going on in Van town. They are still up 3-2 in the series and they are the best paper team in the NHL and Cup favorite this year.