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Day 9 - Open Playoff Thread

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Here we go for Day 9 of the playoffs. Three games in the line-up, one of which is a potential elimination game. 

The Coyotes are officially road kill now under the tires of of the Red Wings. Caught two full games in this series and parts of the other two and the Yotes deserved a better fate. I was in awe of the Red Wing Machine. Year after year these guys get it done and Henrik Zetterberg didn't even play a single game yet. They will be rested and gassed back up for round 2, I pity the team that draws them. 

Onto tonight's line-up.

Bruins vs Canadiens (Series 2-1 Habs) 7:00 PM ET RDS,VERSUS,CBC (HD),NESN (HD) 

Boston and Montreal are lined up for game four and the Bruins are making it interesting but their PP has to come alive. It is 0-11 and 0% so far in the series. Can't be doing that and think you have a chance. This is a big game for both teams. 

Mike Cammalleri has found the same playoff grove he had from last playoffs and leads the series so far with 4 points. Nice to see a former Flame lighting it up, at least we can vicariously experience the playoffs through our former players. 

Blackhawks vs Canucks (Series 3-1 Canucks)  10:00 PM ET VERSUS,CBC (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-CH (HD) 

Blackhawk down ? (there should be some rule about overused cliches) Huge win last game for the 'Hawks. A blow out that can not have made Canuck nation happy. In watching the game again on DVR it wasn't Roberto Luongo who was the problem. The issues were much more the Canuck's D. Defensive breakdowns everywhere in that last game. Not sure what is up with that but if it continues and the 'Hawks steal another win, this series will get interesting. 

Sharks vs Kings (Series 2-1 Sharks) 10:30 PM ET TSN,RIS (HD),CSN-CA (HD),PRIME (HD) 

My long shot Kings pick for the win in this series is looking grim. That implosion in the last game was frightful but credit the Sharks for not giving up and fighting back to take it in OT. It is unforgivable to blow a 4 goal lead in the playoffs and that has to be a huge hit to the psyche of the Kings and a turning point in the series.

Not sure if the Kings are experienced enough to let that tough loss roll off of them. If they don't win tonight the Sharks will will have them by the Crown Jewels in a death grip.