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Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 13 (4/21/2011)

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Good morning gentlefolk! I bring you good tidings in the form of a new episode of Matchsticks and Microphones. Yes, I speak truly, and this is no ordinary episode- it is our largest yet: M&G Editor Emeritus Kent Wilson (if you haven't noticed I find it thoroughly entertaining to call him that) and Robert Cleave of Flamesnation, Duncan and Mike of Hit the Post, Certified Executive of the Office of Management Hayley from here, and the host, of course, is Justin of Hockey and Booze.

The episode is a Very Special season review episode, so I thoroughly recommend you listen to it before the next season. In September.

As always, the AMAZING intro and outro music is "Another Room" by Blair Miskie and the Goods, here's their website and here's a link to the iTunes mp3 version of the song- it's good stuff. And finally, the podcast mp3 is after the jump. Enjoy!

Matchsticks and Microphones Episode 13 (4/20/2011)