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Day 7 – Open Playoff Thread

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Just two games tonight and the first possible elimination game of the playoffs is here.

Canucks vs Blackhawks - 8:00 PM ET - VERSUS,CBC (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-CH (HD)

The Blackhawks are fighting for their life down 3-0 in the series and staring at the very real possibility of a sweep. It isn’t like the Hawks have been playing bad, they haven’t, but they are just not getting the breaks they need to win against this Canucks team. It would be a shocker to see the former Cup Champion swept without even being able to table a single win.

The games have been close and the ‘Hawks should be able to get at least a single win. If they are swept that has to be an exclamation mark from the Canucks but I have a feeling the Canucks may want to return home to give the fans a party. At this point it is a question of when, not if, no one will beat the Canucks in 4 straight, not this year.

Sharks vs Kings10:30 PM ET - TSN,VERSUS,RDS,CSN-CA (HD),PRIME (HD)

The Battle of California is heating up and with the series split at 1-1 this game is going to be a pivot point. A Kings win here at home would be huge for them. The Kings have to be happy with their split in the Shark tank, especially the convincing shutout win in the last game.

The Sharks are starting to face a familiar situation. It isn’t the skill question for the Sharks, it never has been but when the going gets tough do the Sharks have what it takes for playoff hockey? The question will be answered this year, yet again and Shark fans have to be hoping it isn’t the same as all the past years.

My pick for the series is out there and if the Kings had more up front I would be slotting them into Cup contender but not for this year, regardless they are a serious threat. The Sharks may bite back but they have to do it in L.A. and then keep it up.