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Day 6 – Open Playoff Thread

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Four games in the queue for tonight as Day 6 of the playoffs begins.

Last night had the Canucks go up 3-0 in their series with the Blackhawks with a 3-2 victory. The Rangers battled back for a victory to stay in their series, currently at 2-1 for the Capitals with a 3-2 victory and the Predators bite into the Ducks for a key win at home to go up 2-1 in their series.

Flyers vs Sabres - 7:00 PM ET - TSN, VERSUS,CSN-PH (HD),MSG-B (HD)

With the Flyers and Sabres series tied at 1-1 this one will be a key game for the series to tip in one direction. The game is in Buffalo and the Sabres got what they were looking for to start the series with a split in Philly.

Bruins vs Canadiens - 7:30 PM ET - RDS,CBC (HD),NESN (HD)

The Bruins are down 2-0 in their series and will be a desperate squad going into a pumped up house in Montreal. If Montreal can take this one they will be up 3-0 in the series and the big bear will still be walking around with several forks stuck in their butt at that point.

Penguins vs Lightning - 7:30 PM ET - CBC (HD),ROOT (HD),SUN (HD)

The Bolts are coming home with a split with the series tied 1-1, not a bad result for them and a Bolt victory over the Penguins will have them taking control of their series. Tonight is the night to do it

Red Wings vs Coyotes.- 10:30 PM ET - VERSUS,CBC (HD),RDS,FS-D (HD),FS-A (HD)

The Coyotes head home licking their wounds and down 2-0 in their series. They must be feeling like they just got run over by the Red Wings on the Interstate in Detroit. They will give everything they have tonight to stay alive, as it is an absolute must win game, if they want to retain even a glimmer of hope in their series because no team can win 4 straight against the Red Wings.