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Day 5 - Open Playoff Thread

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Three games in the docket for tonight. Open thread to comment on any of these games pre, during and post game. 

Capitals vs Rangers (3:00 pm ET - oh who am I kidding - the Rangers took this one 3-2 Final)

Predators vs Ducks (8:00 PM ET VERSUS,CBC (HD),RDS (HD),CSN-CH (HD)

Canucks vs Blackhawks (6:00 PM ET TSN,RIS (HD),FS-W (HD),FS-TN)

The Capitals take a 2 game lead into Madison Square Garden. The Rangers must win to stay alive in the series. Rangers have to get that Powerplay going if they want to stay alive. The Rangers looked solid in this one and for the record Mike Green is not impressing me. 

The Predators have an advantage tonight with Bobby Ryan taking a suspension and missing tonight. He is out for two games with his skate kick on Jonathon Blum.

The Blackhawks will be at home sweet home for tonight and they just may be able to take a win home. They will have to if they don't want to hand this series to the Canucks.