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Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode I Don't Know Because I'm Posting This From My Phone

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Hey folks, I'm currently en route to London by way of Montreal, so this will be brief (and possibly full of strange typos).

This weeks Matchsticks and Microphones is Justin and Editor Emeritus Kent (making his M&M debut!) discussing the playoffs and such.

Intro music is by Blair Miskie as usual, and if someone with editing abilities could copy/paste the usual sticktap I give him with the links and all that, that'd be terrific. Podcast is after the jump!

Matchsticks and Microphones 14APR2011

Things of some import

  • Justin has saved every single game thread image (including all my pugs) and uploaded them to Flickr here. Props!
  • No High Tide Hockey this week. For obvious reasons
  • This post took me like 20 minutes to write. Ridiculous.