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Matchsticks and Microphones Episode 10 (4/1/2011)

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Yes, it's THAT time of the week again. The time where sunshines and rainbows burst forth from your morning coffee; the time of the week when the sun and the clouds have smiley faces and silly hats. No, not because it's Friday. Because the latest episode of Matchsticks and Microphones is ready for your listening pleasure!

The lineup is pretty small this time with just Justin, Hayley, and myself. The main topic is prospects, and beyond that, I'll leave you to discover what mysteries lie within.

Justin's note: we did actually talk about Brodie in the middle segment, but I had to cut it due to rather extreme technical difficulties. (SPOILER: I was a freaking idiot during recording.) I'll give you the gist of it: we all love him and we want him in a Flames uniform next year.

EDIT: I'm a jerk. I totally forgot to give our theme music source his weekly props.

As always, the AMAZING intro and outro music is "Another Room" by Blair Miskie and the Goods, here's their website and here's a link to the iTunes mp3 version of the song- it's good stuff. And finally, the podcast mp3 is after the jump. Enjoy!

Matchsticks and Microphones: Episode 10 (4/1/11)

A few quick notes:


  • We mistakenly referred to Brodie as a 3rd round pick a lot, though I think only my reference survived
  • My inability to pronounce things comes to light in this episode, though I'm not entirely sure if the Stoll part actually made it past the editing floor
  • See if you can guess what the specific technical difficulty was by listening. Seriously.