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The Terrifying Possibility of David Moss Having an Extended Injury

As reported earlier today by Pat Steinberg via Kent Wilson at David Moss is out with an injury. While it seems likely that this is short term, as the immediate concern is tomorrow night's game and no longer, it raises the question of "What if David Moss is out longer?"


It's no question that David Moss has visibly been the best forward on the Flames since mid-January at least, if not longer. The stats match up too. He's second on the Flames in G/60, behind only Curtis Glencross. And unlike Curtis Glencross, he's not being completely helped by the bounces (Glencross is shooting 5% higher than his career average, Moss just under 3% higher). He's also second on the Flames in ES FenwickF20 and third in ES Fenwick% (Fenwick For vs. Fenwick Against).

All of this clearly spells bad news if he is out for a longer period of time. Not purely for the fact that we lose one of the Flames' best forwards, but because if Olli Jokinen remains sick and Fredrik Modin stays injured (and don't forget Brendan Morrison out the remainder of the season!), there's not a whole lot of replacement options. Who comes up to fill in a center position? Greg Nemisz? Matt Keith?

There's not a whole lot of depth options for a replacement at this point, and this couldn't have happened at worse time. The Flames are currently outside a playoff position looking in, and with the rest of the conference having games in hand on the Flames, this isn't going to be pretty. Even if David Moss is only out for a single game, this is a bad injury at a bad time.