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Flames/Blues Post-Game: And The Oscar Goes To...

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Scoring Chances


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The Other Side: St. Louis Game Time

Aided by his goal-posts and a called off Blues tally that was batted in with a high stick, Miikka Kiprusoff delivered an award-worthy performance in the Flames' crease tonight, making 27 saves for his fifth shutout of the season in a 1-0 victory over St. Louis. 

David Moss' 15th of the season at 5:39 of the third period was the lone goal in this one as the Flames managed to sneak past the Blues despite a frustrating forty minutes where they failed to capitalize on four powerplay opportunities. After struggling last season with just eight goals and 17 points in 64 games and starting this season on IR, Moss has been full value since returning to the Flames' lineup. His goal came in a final frame where the Flames were out-shot 14-5, but managed to hold on for the victory, something they didn't do on Friday night against the Sharks. 

Unfortunately I missed the game because I was in transit flying back to Ottawa and for some reason Sportsnet was not one of the channels available onboard, but it appears that Lady Luck has not yet given up on the Calgary Flames. A bounce or two the other way easily could have resulted in a loss in such a close contest, but instead the good guys won by the slimmest margin possible, and now find themselves in sixth place in the West--a crucial two points considering that the Blackhawks, Ducks, and Predators were all victorious on this night. 

The Flames are in St. Louis for the re-match on Tuesday, and depending on the results of tomorrow's trade deadline, both teams could be debuting some unfamiliar faces. I hope to see you all bright and early for our live chat and analysis throughout the day as Jay Feaster tries to improve his hockey club for the final post-season push!