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Game 28 Preview: Mounting Everest

Ah, yes. The Avs. Really, aside from the Oilers, they're the only team the Flames can claim success against in recent history.

You know the drill by now: injuries, terrible players, etc. has derailed a promising start to the season to the point that the Avs are just one point up on the Flames, with the Flames having a game in hand.

Semyon Varlamov (aka the guy that wasn't worth 2 high draft picks) has a .899 SV%, and a EVSV% of .909, or 6 points under threshold. He is unequivocally not good.

The Avs are coming off a 6-0 loss to the dirty Nucks, if that matters to you.

The Flames will be sitting Roman Horak in favour of Brendan Morrison. I'm sure some will cry foul about how it's not Matt Stajan getting time in the press box but Matt Stajan's Corsi Rel isn't -11.5. I don't care either way which one plays, but I do think Stajan gets dumped on a bit too much from our fellow Flames fans.

Players to Watch

Brendan Morrison-I can say with certanty that BMo won't be replicating his 4 point performance from Tuesday, but it'll still be fun to watch how the old man does.

Matt Duchene-After a bit of horrid luck to start the year, he's turned it around a little.


I dislike Colorado a lot. That's all you need to know.