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Calgary Flames Prospects NHL Equivalencies: December Edition

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This is probably one of my favorite articles to write. It's optimistic usually, allows me to praise some kids who may never play at the professional level, and I get to use fancy charts and such.

The columns contain basic info like team and league, as well as the equivalencies. The first three NHLE entries are the straight numbers--not prorated at all. In other words, if the 13 games Sven Bartschi is listed as playing were in the NHL, how many points he would score? The column "NHLE SEASON" is prorated for 82 games, a full NHL season. The final column is the difference between this month and last month, allowing us to see if they're improving or regressing on a month to month basis.

My comments and thoughts after the table. (As a quick note, the equivalencies I used are as follows (from BehindtheNet): SM-Liiga 0.54 (mistakenly written as, though not processed as, 0.65 last month), CHL 0.30, AHL 0.65, H-East 0.41; Gaudreau's equivalency for his season in the USHL last year is 0.27)

Table, notes, and comments are all after the jump.

Name Team Lge GP G A Pts NHLE Goals NHLE A NHLE PTS NHLE SEASON Prior NHLE/Season Difference
Bartschi Portland Winterhawks WHL 22 12 40 52 3.6 12 15.6 58.1 56.8 1.3
Nemisz Abbotsford Heat AHL 25 7 11 18 4.55 7.15 11.7 38.4 46.2 -7.8
Arnold Boston College H-East 17 10 9 19 4.1 3.69 7.79 37.6 42.8 -5.2
Ferland Brandon Wheat Kings WHL 29 17 25 42 5.1 7.5 12.6 35.6 40.3 -4.7
Gaudreau Boston College H-East 17 7 7 14 2.87 2.87 5.74 27.7 30.6 -2.9
Reinhart Kootenay Ice WHL 27 16 20 36 4.8 6 10.8 32.8 28.7 4.1
Byron Abbotsford Heat AHL 14 4 2 6 2.6 1.3 3.9 22.8 23.7 -0.9
Holland Tri-City Americans WHL 29 7 24 31 2.1 7.2 9.3 26.3 27.1 -0.8
Granlund Some Finnish Team SM-Liiga 24 6 9 15 3.24 4.86 8.1 27.7 15.8 11.9
Bouma Abbotsford Heat AHL 22 1 2 3 0.65 1.3 1.95 7.3 8.9 -1.6
Wahl Abbotsford Heat AHL 13 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0 0.0

  • I forgot to "sort" by any particular column this time, sorry about that.
  • All but three players regressed: Bartschi, Reinhart, and Granlund
  • Justin predicted Reinhart would increase scoring to an extent, but increasing it by the tune of 4.1 prorated equivalency points isn't really thrilling. To be fair, I've always expected his top end to be somewhere in the realm of Craig Conroy. Which is absolutely a good thing.
  • Markus Granlund's large jump can probably be attributed to a positive regression to the mean: in other words he had poor luck before, and it all came back rather quickly. Basically the opposite of what we expect to happen with the Wild's goaltending.
  • Wahl is still pointless, even after being loaned to a team that needed a C. While he was great in his brief ECHL stint, I'm starting to think that concussion he had may have limited his abilities at this level. Gotta feel bad for the guy.
  • Actual intelligent comment on the guy: not only has he continued his past pace, he's mildly increased it. And my excitement is greatly increasing. Copper & Blue's NHLE post shows that he's second among, wait for it, all prospects, including Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. S/T to Zona for passing that along to me.
  • Should I take Bouma off the list? He's not really an offensive prospect.
  • Ryan Howse still has zero AHL points. I'm not pointing it out anymore after this month.
  • I took Brodie out because it's clear to me he's in the NHL for a long time at this point. Jo's post earlier should illustrate why pretty well.